“Sustainable Development”

November 9, 2020 – June Shepherd

“The Great Reset,” the global communist government already in place worldwide and being openly promoted by our politicians and media in order to convince the public to hop aboard their twisted ideology, is being force-fed to us as a doable solution in dealing with the so-called traumatic changes brought on by the “hoax” Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 is the perfect planned tool with which the world’s infiltrated globalists can rapidly justify ‘resetting’ entire governments, economies, and societies. Otherwise known as Agenda 21/2030 (Agenda 21’s goals were not met by 2021 and thus time was extended another 10 years), The Great Reset is peddled under a ‘save-the-environment’ United Nations-founded scheme called “Sustainable Development.”

The term Sustainable Development became popular after a 1987 UN Report titled, Our Common Future, was released by the Brundtland Commission. This commission was named after its chairwoman, Gro Brundtland, the former director of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the first female Vice President of Socialist International. The men and women promoting Agenda 21 were dedicated communists and came up with the term Sustainable Development to effectively infiltrate their communist agenda into American cities and other nations.

The main organization that is behind this global takeover is the World Economic Forum, https://www.weforum.org/. They have many partners, including The International Institute for Sustainable development (ICLEI), https://icleiusa.org/, which defines Sustainable Development as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” But the more direct definition for Sustainable Development is: “communism.” To be even more precise, Sustainable Development is the “code” word for “communism.” Wherever you see an organization use the terms ‘sustainable’ or ‘sustainability’ (and most large corporations, businesses, and universities use this code word to identify their allegiance to The Great Reset), they are in fact aligning with the communist global Agenda 2030.

In the past, the secreted Agenda 21/2030 was considered a Conspiracy Theory. In order to gain enough traction to thrust this global monster out of hiding and into the public, the evil doers used their created pandemic to riddle the masses with despair through lockdowns, business closures, and mask-wearing. To regain normalcy back into their lives, the globalists figured the people would toss their freedoms away in exchange for a newly restructured government that would at least “save the planet.” Once the ‘reset’ is in place, the true goals of the dedicated communists will emerge and mass surveillance, depopulation, and enslavement will ensue. These are the draconian lifestyle changes we will be living within a few short years if the citizens of our nation do not quickly push back:

1. Depopulation of the world

2. Complete confiscation of private property and private businesses

3. Loss of Individual God-given rights and Civil Liberties

4. Forced relocation into Agenda 2030 approved “smart” cities

5. Cashless (Digital) Society

6. Strict surveillance of our lives

7. Food, energy and water will be rationed

8. Technocracy and transhumanism

9. Retail and grocery stores closed/all purchasing online

10. Parks and Forests off-limits to the public

11. Elimination of cars

12. Mandatory DNA altering vaccinations for life

The International Institute for Sustainable development has over 250 cities and counties in the US who are members of this movement to restructure American government, economy, and society. Denver and Fort Collins are members. Over 1000 municipal leaders in 86 countries are members. And what is worrisome, is that all of the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers promote Sustainable Development on their websites.

How can we trust companies manufacturing the Covid-19 vaccines when they support a global agenda which endorses depopulation?

How can we be sure their developed vaccines are actually safe for us, and not to be used for sterility purposes, slow-term genocide or DNA altering for massive mind control of the populations?

Genetic modification is part of the technology used for the Covid-19 vaccines. What will keep them from injecting us with vaccines that are genetically engineered to cause cancer, genetic mutations, or systemic chronic illnesses in order to advance their twisted mindset to lessen the populations of nations?

Their own websites state they are working closely with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a military agency that has been involved in bioweaponry projects for the United States for decades.

The goals to form a new government have been infiltrated at the highest levels on a global scale, and this is why citizens in every country should be questioning every politician, organization, and vaccine company connected to Sustainable Development.

What are you doing to question your officials about this agenda? It is high time if you haven’t already started!

Julie Fromby
Author: Julie Fromby

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