Stop the Mask Mandate!

July 19, 2020 – Julie Formby

On Thursday, July 17, 2020 Emperor Jared Polis issued a mask mandate for the entire State of Colorado with no county variances. This came right after telling his constituents two days earlier that a mask mandate is unconstitutional and would therefore be unenforceable. Apparently he spent a couple of sleepless nights devising his next devious act and finally realized that he could suggest that store owners could enforce this mandate by claiming unlawful trespassing against all who do not comply. This could be enforceable by law: No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

The following day, Senator Patrick Neville filed a lawsuit against Polis saying, “The Governor is on a power trip and IMO his mask mandate is a clear violation of our civil liberties.” We at Keep Colorado Free & Open couldn’t agree more! As stated by KrisAnne Hall, JD, “The cornerstone of American government is the responsibility of the people to self-govern. It is not selfish for a person to demand full protection and security of their individual rights to freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and property. On the contrary, it is wholly selfish for the community to demand that the force of government deprive individual rights because there are a few who refuse to act responsibly in securing their own health and welfare. Mass curfews and quarantines [and mask mandates that jeopardize the health of the one wearing the mask] are not the American way, they are the communist way. The American way says that we do not use force to compensate for the irresponsibility of the few.” Now, we do not believe that every person with health risks is inherently irresponsible– indeed there are those with health issues through no fault of their own– but many Americans are careless with their health, as evidenced by annual spending on fast food and healthcare for PREVENTABLE diseases. And this negligence and irresponsibility does put people more at risk for seasonal illnesses including COVID-19. Regardless, responsibility for one’s health falls squarely on the shoulders of the individual, yet we have been shamed into believing that as a society, we are inconsiderate, selfish and lacking care and concern for our fellow man by simply breathing! On the contrary, breathing is an unalienable right: the right to Life! Unfortunately shady politicians and wordsmiths like to equate the right to breathe freely to the privilege of driving. Next they tell you that  driving comes with a responsibility to obey traffic laws and to wear a seat belt, so wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is no different. Well, a privilege granted by the government can hardly compare to an unalienable right granted by our Creator! Who is really the selfish one here other than those who want to deprive others of their natural rights and cheer on their own rights being stripped from them in the name of “the common good?” Exchanging your freedoms for shackles from a “king” is not good for society. Eventually you too will face an edict that you find to be repugnant!

“The mantra, ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one’ is a Marxist principle not just a line from Star Trek dialogue. This ideology is not what America was founded upon, quite the opposite. Our governments, since the foundation of our States in 1776 are based upon the fundamental principle that the sole purpose of government is to secure the Rights of the INDIVIDUAL, not to appease the collective.” ~KrisAnne Hall, JD

When governmental officials decide to make medical mandates and edicts that carry with them health risks for the general population, they are treading on thin ice in relation to personal and medical autonomy. First of all, since when was a governor also a law maker? We fought a war to end that scenario 244 years ago– NO MORE KINGS! “When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty.” ~Charles de Montesquieu. Secondly, there is no scientific justification for a mask mandate. Denis Rancourt is a former Professor of Physics at Univerity of Ottawa and has been a volunteer researcher at the Ontario Civil Liberties Association(OCLA) since 2014. During a recent interview with Professor Rancourt by Dr. Mercola, he stated, “…there is no evidence that masks are of any utility either preventing the aerosol particles from coming out or from going in. You’re not helping the people around you by wearing a mask, and you’re not helping yourself preventing the disease by wearing a mask. This science is unambiguous in that such an effect, positive effect cannot be detected.” Again, if a mask provides no protection for either party but rather only risk for the one wearing it, then who is the selfish one?

Professor Rancourt also talks about civil liberties and peaceful non-compliance during this interview. You can read more about his work HERE, but in the meantime, please donate to the Breath Free Colorado Mask Federal Lawsuit, and take a stand for your unalienable right to BREATHE FREELY! For more facts & studies about the ineffectiveness of masks as well as how to enforce your constitutional rights during COVID craziness, visit our website: Keep Colorado Free & Open and sign up for our newsletter.

Julie Fromby
Author: Julie Fromby

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