“Pacified In Prosperity, Lazy In Luxury & Complacent In Our Compliance”

November 15, 2020 – Julie Formby

If you doubted the war being waged against the American people before the elections, there can be no doubt in your mind now!

  • Election fraud perpetrated by those in the highest levels of our government and around the world among so called “allies” of the United States.
  • Social media censorship
  • Conservative media networks that have betrayed us
  • The demonization of the Constitution and conservative values
  • Cancel culture where they will come after your family, your business, your reputation… did you know that if you are a Conservative, you may be on their list through The Trump Accountability Project? Right after the elections, this website still had a form that could be submitted to report people who were Trump supporters. It has since then been altered to appear more benign.

This is NOT the American we all thought we knew, and it is certainly NOT the Colorado we know and love! What happened?

In the name of tolerance, we have inadvertently allowed enemies to become comfortable among us… so comfortable that they have use our peace-loving goodwill against us. They have infiltrated our schools… our churches… and our government! Those who declare themselves to be enemies of America in one breath have been allowed to hold positions of authority in our institutions simply because they swear an oath! It is much like how many people call themselves Christians yet have no intention of obeying the Word of G-d! They are Christians in name only. They have taken His name in vain! So too have our officials taken an oath to uphold the Constitution in vain. Progressivism has allowed them to re-interpret the meaning of Constitution, and now we find ourselves at the bottom of a slippery slope… trying to crawl out!

Could American ever become a Communist nation? I would answer by saying that we already have become one! “We have become pacified in prosperity, lazy in luxury, and complacent in our compliance.” (Source: KrisAnne Hall, JD) We have been so comfortable in life that we have not recognized the slow slide toward Communism! Study the chart at the top of this blog. Can you even believe how many coercive tactics have been waged against us during this COVID fake-demic? Yes, there IS a virus! But it does not warrant the measures that have been taken against the American people… and need I say, against the whole world? This has been the greatest crime against humanity in all of history!

Are we then without hope? I don’t think so! I will NEVER lose hope or stop fighting as long as there is breath in my lungs! I am fighting for the future of my posterity– for my children and grandchildren! I hope that you too will join us here at Keep Colorado Free & Open in the fight. We cannot do it alone– we MUST act in numbers:

  1. Learn your rights– these are unalienable natural, G-d given rights, secured and NOT endowed to us by the Constitution
  2. Resist the mandates & restrictions– they are statutes, NOT laws
  3. File affidavits with the court clerk in every county and federal courthouse AGAINST our officials for violating our rights. If there is a rebuttal from our officials, then be ready to press legal action and take it to the next stage.
  4. Begin NOW to work together to initiate legislation to ensure that we are NEVER again under the thumb of our governor due to a “state of emergency:
  5. Begin NOW to prepare candidates for the upcoming elections in the coming years– we CANNOT wait until an election year to get active!
  6. Follow current legislation being filed. Become aware and take action!

The Leftists are VERY active in these same ways listed above! It is their religion– they start the day with checking this website, and they take orders and get their marching. They are organized in promoting the 45 Planks of Communism. Yet they tell their people that it is democracy, so they think they are supporting the American way. They call it Democracy, but remember that America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy! To win back our republic, we have to fight fire with fire! We have to get organized and counter every Communist goal with a Constitutional goal.

C’mon. Get busy, Patriot. It’s time to march! Join us tonight for a Zoom call with Rick Martin of Constitutional Law Group. Then on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, come hear from a brave business owner who re-opened early in May 2020 and has not locked down again. She knows the truth about her rights, and when you know the truth, it will set you free!

Julie Fromby
Author: Julie Fromby

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