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September 7, 2020 – Allison Baker

The tide has shifted in our country over the past few weeks. In droves, Americans have awakened to the fact that something is amiss. As more small businesses close their doors forever due to perceived public health infractions⁠1, as more parents of special-needs children are told that their child cannot receive exemptions for face coverings⁠2, and families struggle to meet the demands of online schooling⁠3, Americans aren’t the only ones frustrated.

Some might argue that these measures are necessary to “slow the spread” of coronavirus. We all bought into that narrative last spring. We were dealing with an unknown, novel virus – an invisible enemy, whose virulence might be worse than we could imagine. But now we know much more about this illness. Namely, it is most dangerous for those ages 70 and older, who have one or more serious health problems. In fact, the chances of dying from COVID if you are between the ages of 0-65 is only 0.037%⁠4. Translated, this means that if you are infected with COVID and are under the age of 65, you have a 99.96% chance of survival. For those over the age of 65, the infection mortality rate does go up to 5.6%, dropping the survival rate to 94.4%. Put another way, if you are under the age of 65, you have a greater chance of having a heart attack, getting cancer, or being killed in a car accident⁠5 than you do of dying from COVID-19.

These new facts regarding COVID beg the question: why the continued restrictive mandates? Why are schools shut down, or in-person only with strict distancing and mask rules? From a global perspective, Americans have it easy (for now.) One look overseas, and the picture becomes grim. Despite COVID numbers falling drastically in countries such as Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and the U.K., measures to keep citizens in compliance with Draconian mandates are chillingly similar to regimes we wish we could erase from history. In some of these countries, people are being arrested for leaving their homes without a mask or traveling more than 5K from their home without government approval. Most media outlets will not cover these stories, and one can only learn of them from the unfortunate people live-streaming as they are being arrested, such as this man⁠6⁠ who was unlawfully arrested while buying bread, or this woman⁠7 who was arrested for posting on social media regarding a peaceful rally to protest tyranny.

But what does this have to do with America? We would never stand for things like this, right? It has everything to do with America. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the U.K. are what I call “testing grounds.” There is believable evidence of a wider worldwide agenda, and it is being rolled out overseas before it comes to our soil. For example, “Several nations are testing similar wristbands to make sure people are obeying orders to stay at home. South Korea and Hong Kong have also been using electronic trackers to help enforce quarantine,” states this chilling BBC article⁠8 regarding a trial in Bulgaria. In laymen’s terms, law-abiding people all over the world are being placed on house-arrest and tracked to ensure 100% compliance with unlawful mandates. Imagine what occurs if they do not comply?

We need not wonder at the answer to this question. The president of the Rockefeller Foundation answers us right on their website: “Not only do we need to bend the curve of this epidemic; we need to provide America’s essential workers and children with a way to go about their work and lives more safely, so that critical institutions can survive and function during this period of time. The only alternative is more large-scale lockdowns.” —Dr. Rajiv J. Shah (emphasis mine), President, The Rockefeller Foundation

Notice how the Rockefeller Foundation distinguishes essential workers as the ones who deserve to go about their lives and work safely… and the alternative they propose is more lockdowns for a virus whose numbers no longer qualify as epidemic levels, let alone A pandemic. If we do not rise up, and resist these mandates, we will be facing not only wristbands or smart phone apps, but mandatory vaccines in order to go to work, or shop.

Is anyone else having flashbacks to World History circa 1930’s-40’s?

This is disturbing information, to be sure. We should be disturbed. But we can use this as fuel for right action, which is exactly what others overseas have begun to do. An historic weekend around the world, many countries saw record number rallies to stand up to this tyranny. Germany saw its largest gathering in history⁠9⁠, London⁠10 was packed all day, and Poland⁠11 and New Zealand⁠12 also joined the rally. Australia rallied nationwide this weekend, and your own state of Colorado will be rising up on September 13 at the Car March to End the Madness. JOIN US!!!

As we look to the rest of the world to see the disturbing, evil plans coming our way – take heart! We are waking up. We are rising up, for right action. And make no mistake – we will prevail.

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