And the Lies are Coming to Light!

August 31, 2020 – Julie Formby

Well, well, well… we’ve known that data was being misreported, but we had no idea to what extent!

Not only is the “emergency” over, but it NEVER has been an emergency! According to the August 26, 2020 CDC Update, Table 3, there are only 9,683 deaths nationwide solely from COVID year to date. The rest had 2-3 co-morbidities, and most were elderly.

What a complete psyop and and crime against humanity! Countless businesses lost, suicides and FEAR for nothing!

If you add up all of the “Conditions Contributing to Deaths where COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate,” the total number comes out to 438,033. That means that of the 161,392 “Total COVID-19 deaths, as of 8/22/2020,” there are a huge number of co-morbidities being accounted for (to equal a combined total over 400K deaths). Out of the 161,392, only 6% were from COVID ALONE with no other co-morbidities.

94% of COVID deaths are among people with other health conditions. COVID is easy to overcome if you are healthy as evidenced by the huge number of aysmptomatic cases! Flu is easy to overcome if you are healthy. Those who die every year are our most vulnerable: the sick and elderly. It’s sad and does not diminish the value of a life, but those who are infirm and old die at a higher rate than those who are young and healthy– it is a natural part of life. We all die eventually from something… this year, it happens to be COVID. Sweden was right– those who are vulnerable need to be protected, while the rest of society continues to live life!

As a caveat, we still have to look at excess deaths year over year, and they are significantly higher (around 20,000 per week during the the peak of the COVID cycle back in April 2020), so COVID HAS increased death rates in some way: directly or indirectly (increased death from heart attacks and strokes because people aren’t going to the hospital, increased suicides, increased deaths WITH COVID, etc.). Also, don’t forget that in states like New York and New Jersey, COVID-positive patients were placed in hospital rooms with COVID-negative patients and sent back into nursing homes where they infected more of our most vulnerable Americans. Lastly, don’t forget about how thousands of patients were prematurely ventilated, which only results in a 10-30% survival rate!

Again, Sweden was right– those who are vulnerable need to be protected, while the rest of society continues to live life! It’s time to re-open Colorado COMPLETELY AND NORMALLY and be ready to NEVER AGAIN SHUTDOWN! Read more here:

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Julie Fromby
Author: Julie Fromby

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